TXT (투모로우바이투게더) '하굣길 (Way Home)' Official MV (Eye Contact ver.)

เผยแพร่เมื่อ 13 ก.พ. 2021
TXT (투모로우바이투게더) '하굣길 (Way Home)' Official MV (Eye Contact ver.)

Production : GONGJANG
Director : Choi Byung Ju
Assistant Director : Kee JungHo, Nam Gi Beop
Gaffer : Lee Hyun Jun [JMT]
Art Director: Oh Ha Young [ORBIT]
Visual Creative : Nu Kim, Lee Hyun Ju, Jung Su Jung, Rakta
Artist Management : Kim Dae Young, Kim Kang Sue, Kim Ji Soo, Shin Seung Chan, Seo Seong Pil

Big Hit Entertainment. Rights are reserved selectively in the video.
Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
Manufactured by Big Hit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea

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  • MOAS!! Moas! I have so much news! I don't even know where to start. Ok. A tiny bit of bad news first. We dropped again and made 418K. So now we have basically 51K left which we should make today so the update tomorrow will tell us that we made it. The other group still has 3Mil basically to cover so we can say we have the achievement of being the 1st 4th Gen BG to reach 100mil, the 1st BG to have their debut song reach 100Mil ever. Also we will be the 10th group to have the 100mil milestone and only the 3rd group altogether for their debut song. Not even BTS has this achievement! It has also come out today that TXT will be performing the OST for a new drama called "One Day Destruction Entered the Front Door of My House". I am not sure when the OST will be released but we can also use it as a means of practicing for the cb. It has also just come out that currently TCC Freeze is sitting pretty with 520K PREORDERS in just 6 DAYS! We have officially broken Minisodes' record, still hold the highest sales for a 4th gen group and will be getting our 2rd double platinum record once the albums are shipped and preorders become sales! How are you feeling right now MOAS!? Please keep streaming. I know it seems like such a small thing but streaming takes us so much further than even sales every will!

  • It’s kinda boring ngl, but I still luv them :)

  • 우리는 자랄 것입니다

  • Mejores visuales no hay

  • Yeni albüm için st kasmayı ögrenin ve puan toplayın

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  • The part that's sayed oh ah na na na run run run I thought it would be oh ah na na na na dashe run run run run for some reason 😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I cant stop myself saying that help

  • Kyle Echarri a filipino singer really sounds like Yeonjun. Am I the one who notice it?

  • Hi I'm Angela I came from Tanzania in Africa and I love all songs you guys make and I wanna be your army If black girls are allowed

  • 그들은 너무 완벽해요😍😍😘

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  • I'm a fan of bts but i love this five boys i love bts and txt i just wish all together there will be a group

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  • I like this song

  • Caí completamente por Yeonjun no puedeser

  • vibes nya kembali ke runaway㋛︎

  • MOAS!! Moas! Today we saw a drop. We made 418K leaving us with 461K needed to reach 100Mil. The other group saw another rise with 497K leaving them with 3.38Mil and 6 days to make it. We still have a couple hours left in the tracking day so if you haven't as yet, please pull out a playlist and enjoy as you complete a task :) We have a bit of time before the Concept trailer. In that time we can finish this and start on Blue Hour. Run Away is also close on Spotify with 72mil streams and 80mil on here. I anticipate we will see a lot of milestones this year. Are there any questions you would like to ask in the mean time? THreds gives me trouble to post links but chances are I may be able to reply with one if you need a physical or digital preorder link. Or if there is just something you want to be clear about in terms of streaming or goals. I will find out for you and respond asap :)

  • 😘😘😍😍

  • your're amazing, you're really amazing . you're magical, you're my dreams, you're the people that I really want, you're living in my mind free , you're my euphoria, you're my happiness, you're the reason that i smile , thank you guys :)💘


  • i love theeeem

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  • KEEP STR34MING 40mil let s sss

  • KEEP STR34MING 40mil let s sss

  • Can we just talk about how they aim to make our heart flutter. But mine just burst out and I am in need of an oxygen tank. I can't get enough of their five visuals

  • *¿Por qué el fandom siempre ignora los MVs de mis canciones favoritas de TXT?, lo mismo le hicieron a Blue Orangeade :'^(.*

  • Kaç tane moayız bir şu şarkıyı 6 milyon yapamadık ya

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  • 581万回再生突破おめでとうございます!!

  • they are so precious:3

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  • Lest go 6M

  • Who's still hoping for other versions? : Meeee

  • This is like "try not to smile challenge" and "staring contest." Idk if you'll win tho

  • Way Home es hermoso amo todas de este estilo lento.

  • Taehyyyunnnnnnn!!!! >∆

  • MOAS!! Moas!! Today we see a rise. We made 440K which leaves us with 879K left to the goal! Do you think we can cover all those streams in one go? LOL. The other group saw a rise as well. They made 445K and have 3.9Mil left to get there. The aim is still 500K. Once we get Crown to 100Mil, you can take a breather and aim for Blue Hour here and on Spotify. She is soaring to 100Mil faster than any of our previous title tracks. Fighting!! Today we had the #HeartofMoa event. Next will be the Concept Trailer which will be MAY 11th at 0 oclock KST/11am EST on MAY 10th. This is a great opportunity to practice streaming and working to push past THreds's policy of freezing views. Remember They will freeze the views for the first 2 to 4 hours. We have to continue streaming during that time. It's really important to show that we WANT to watch this trailer and we are NOT robots. Otherwise we will continue to be affected by the algorithm. So have you preordered Freeze as yet? I'm super excited to get mine from Amazon. It's their first full album since MAGIC. What are you excited for?

  • 5.8M♡

  • I really waana talk to you bts i am your biggest fan girl

  • My favorite Song

  • I miss this intro

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    • @serenad Anladım. ^^ Teşekkür ederim cevapladığın için. :) Umarım sen de istediğin sıralamayı yapabilirsin.

  • this video is a weapon of mass destruction for moas

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  • I love it 🤍😭oh na na na Army 🙋🏻‍♀️💜🌆

  • MOAS! Moas! Todays update sees us with another decline. We made 418K with just over 1.3Mil left. We can make this in 3 to 4 days. I'm sure things will pick back up after this as the weekend os over and the goal is still 500K. The other group made 366K and have 4.3Mil and 11 days to get there at that rate. I am sure they will pick back up also. Just a reminder we will be focusing on Blue Hour here and on Spotify after that. Blue Hour is on track to be the fastest song to 100Mil for a 4th Gen group. Also give some love and attention to Run Away. She currently has 72.5Mil streams. Some things to note right now: We currently have a comeback schedule! If you haven't seen it yet, you can find it on Instagram as well as Twitter. There will be # event tomorrow on Twitter. Start preparing you Spotify playlists for the new songs on Freeze, especially the title track. Do NOT make playlists for THreds. It will only count as 1 view. Show up for the premiere of the song and give a like. THreds cannot remove the views or likes of the premiere. They are considered authentic. Remember THreds freezes views around the 400K mark to check for authentic views. DO NOT stop streaming. Your streams will be added later. Just keep pushing through. We will see the views grow after 2 to 3 hours.

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